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Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the nightlife scenes in Pattaya while we share more about the different types of freelancers and the best ways to find freelancers in Pattaya.

We’ll also include the rates that they typically charge.

Be sure to stick till the end as we’ll be  sharing our top 3 favorite nightclubs in Pattaya where there is a plethora of freelancers  waiting for customers to spend the night with.

Pattaya, a city located in Thailand on the eastern seaboard, is known for its lively nightlife

Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the nightlife scenes in Pattaya while we share more about the different types of freelancers and the best ways to find freelancers in Pattaya. We’ll also include the rates  that they typically charge.

Be sure to stick till the end as we’ll be  sharing our top 3 favorite nightclubs in Pattaya,0:18

where there is a plethora of freelancers  waiting for customers to spend the night with.0:23

Pattaya, a city located in Thailand,0:28

is known for its lively nightlife  and adult entertainment industry.0:31

While many visitors come to Pattaya  to experience this aspect of the city,0:35

it is important to note that not all  of the women you see on the streets,0:39

shops, restaurants, and beaches  are necessarily freelancers.0:43

In fact, there are many women  in Pattaya who are genuinely0:48

interested in dating or hooking up with  foreigners for reasons other than money.0:51

These women may be interested in  learning about foreign cultures,0:56

practicing their language skills,  or simply seeking companionship.0:59

However, it is true that many of  the women you encounter in Pattaya1:04

are indeed freelancers who are willing to  engage in intimate activities for a fee.1:08

While it is understandable that some  travelers may view freelancers as a1:13

risky business due to concerns about STDs or  other issues as they are not employed by a bar,1:17

it is important to recognize  that this is not always the case.1:22

Freelancers simply choose to work independently  rather than through a bar or brothel.1:26

This allows them to keep a  greater share of their earnings,1:32

as they do not have to share profits with the bar.1:35

For example, if a freelancer charges  a customer 1,000 baht per night,1:38

she would likely have to charge at least  2,000 baht if she were working through a bar,1:43

with the bar owner taking a cut of the earnings.1:47

As a result, many freelancers prefer to work  on their own, as it allows them to make the1:50

same amount of money with less effort  and greater freedom and flexibility.1:56

Despite the prevalence of freelancers in Pattaya,2:00

it is important to remember that not all  workers in this industry operate the same way.2:03

There are many different types of freelancers,  each with their own rates and practices.2:09

Alright, let’s begin with the easiest option.2:14

#1. Finding Pattaya Freelancers Online2:17

If you’re not a fan of clubbing or want to avoid  the freelancers prowling the streets of Pattaya,2:22

fear not, as the internet provides a safe and  effective way to meet Pattaya freelancers.2:27

Dating sites are a popular way to meet Thai girls,  but they’re not just for love and relationships.2:33

In Pattaya, there are many  freelancers on these sites as well.2:40

Freelancers on dating sites are easy to spot,2:44

as they often wear revealing clothing  and pose provocatively in their photos.2:47

They typically list traveling, partying,  and other fun activities as their hobbies,2:52

which can give you a sense of what they’re like.2:57

Two of the most popular and safest dating sites  in Thailand are ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid.3:00

To get started, you’ll want to upload some of  your best photos and create an honest profile.3:06

From there, you can start reaching out to  women who seem like a good match for you.3:12

In addition to dating sites,3:16

Tinder is also a good option for meeting  other tourists or foreigners in Pattaya.3:18

Keep in mind that most Thai people use  either Line or Whatsapp to communicate,3:24

so it’s a good idea to download those  apps as soon as you arrive in the country.3:28

If you’re looking for a more unique  way to find freelancers in Pattaya,3:33

consider downloading the WeChat app.3:37

While it’s similar to Line and  Whatsapp, WeChat has a “discover3:39

people nearby” feature that can help  you find freelancers in your area.3:43

Simply turn on your location services and browse  through the profiles of nearby freelancers.3:48

You can then send them a private message  and typically get a response within minutes.3:53

When reaching out to freelancers online,3:58

be sure to let them know how long you’ll  be in Pattaya so they can plan accordingly.4:01

With so many online options available, it’s never4:06

been easier to find Pattaya freelancers  without having to leave your hotel room.4:09

#2. Picking Up Pattaya Freelancers On The Street4:14

One of the most well-known aspects of Pattaya  is the prevalence of freelancers on the streets.4:18

While Walking Street is the most  famous area for freelancers,4:24

there are other streets such as Beach Road and  Soi Buakhao that are also teeming with them.4:28

If you see a freelancer on the  street who catches your eye,4:33

do not hesitate to approach them and  ask if they would like to go with you.4:36

The majority of the girls  in Pattaya are freelancers,4:41

with approximately 80% of the female  population working in the industry.4:44

This means that there is a  plethora of girls to choose from,4:49

all looking to make money from tourists.4:52

When trying to pick up a freelancer, you  do not need to take them out for a drink4:55

or engage in lengthy conversations, as most of  them are looking to get straight to the point.4:59

Instead, simply approach the girl,  smile and start to chat with her.5:05

If she reciprocates and stops to chat with  you, it means that she is interested and free.5:10

However, if you enjoy the girlfriend experience,  you can negotiate the terms and rates with the5:15

freelancer and even have them stick with you  throughout the full duration of your holiday.5:21

If you are looking for the best places5:26

to pick up street freelancers in  Pattaya, you have a few options.5:27

Walking Street is a great  place to start and you can5:32

find freelancers starting from 7 pm until 5 am.5:35

During the hours of 7 pm to 9 pm,5:39

you can often find freelancers willing to go  for a short time for less than 1,500 baht.5:42

After 9 pm, most freelancers in Walking Street  only accept long-time for more than 2,000 baht.5:49

Another great spot to find  freelancers is Soi Buakhao,5:56

where you can usually find girls in the afternoon.5:59

Most Pattaya girls live in this area and usually  they wake up and go to eat in the afternoon.6:03

The standard rate for Soi Buakhao  freelancers is around 1,500 baht.6:09

Beach Road, along the palm tree lined  promenade footpath, is another great6:14

place to find freelancers 24/7, but the  best time to go is from 7 pm until 11 pm.6:19

The typical price for short-time with a Beach  Road girl is between 1,000 to 1,500 baht.6:26

However, it’s important to note  that freelancers in this area6:33

often engage in risky behavior, so  be cautious of potential diseases.6:36

Additionally, you will need to add an extra  500 baht to rent a short-time hotel room.6:41

#3. Night Club Freelancers in Pattaya6:47

If you’re a first-time visitor to a Pattaya  nightclub, you might find that the girls there6:52

appear to be like any other girls around  the world, simply out to have a good time.6:56

However, the reality is that the majority of the  girls in these clubs are actually freelancers,7:01

who are there to have fun with their girlfriends  while waiting for potential customers.7:07

In fact, it’s estimated that around 90% of  the girls in Pattaya clubs are freelancers.7:12

Typically, freelancers in Pattaya  nightclubs are all-night deals,7:18

since customers usually  recruit them after midnight.7:22

The price for their services can vary,  ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 baht,7:26

depending on the girl’s attractiveness  and the customer’s appeal to her.7:30

During the high season from October to  April, it can be challenging to find7:35

a freelancer in Pattaya, which drives the  rates up to a starting price of 2,000 baht.7:39

Compared to the freelancers found on Beach  Road, those found in nightclubs are generally7:44

considered to be of better quality and can  offer a more genuine girlfriend experience.7:49

However, this also means that customers need to  be able to strike up a conversation and create7:54

a spark of attraction with these girls,  as they’re not just there for the money.7:59

It’s worth noting that simply offering money isn’t8:04

enough to get laid with a quality  girl in any Pattaya nightclub.8:07

While there are some popular freelancer’s  nightclubs to choose from, such as Lucifer Club,8:11

Marine Disco, and Club Insomnia,  customers must be able to connect8:16

with the girls they’re interested  in to have any chance of success.8:20

It’s also possible to bring home coyote  girls who dance in the club for around8:24

6000 baht, including the bar fine.8:28

However, in my humble opinion,  these girls are not worth the money.8:31

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